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Reiki (霊気 /rākē/) is an ancient energy healing technique that was rediscovered in Japan about 100 years ago.  It is not affiliated with any religion and can be described as a mixture of a soothing massage and guided mediation, with no speaking whatsoever. There are scientific studies available which prove the positive effects of Reiki on one’s health and ability to heal; as well as an abundant amount of experiential testimony from people all over the world who have had amazing results healing and relaxing with Reiki. This has made Reiki an accepted complementary therapy to Western Medicine at Hospitals and Clinics Worldwide.

If left untreated, energetic blocks can manifest into unpleasant Mental and Physical illnesses. Releasing stagnant or trapped energy with Reiki can lead to profound transformation on the Spiritual, Physical, Emotional, and Mental planes.  

Reasons for Reiki

• Stress, anxiety and tension

• Illness and disease

• Physical injuries

• Relaxation

• Transitions

• Heartache

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Benefits of Reiki

• Increase awareness

• Release emotions

• Revitalize mind, body & spirit

• Balance body's energy

• Promote relaxation

• Support body's natural ability to heal itself

• Detoxify

• Ease grief

Reiki Energy “Massage"

In-Call (West Adams)

$110/90 min

$90/60 min

$60/30 min


Out-Call (Los Angeles Area)

$175/90 min

$125/60 min

Enjoy the gentle and powerful natural system of hands-on energy healing in this 60 or 90 minute, fully clothed table or chair treatment. In each session, Reiki/Universal Life Energy is focused through the hands, to create communication with your body's intuitive wisdom, allowing one to balance physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This "energy bath" is highly relaxing, rejuvenative and recommended as a preventative health measure as well as for ailments or emotional thearapy.  Reiki is powerful on its own or in conjunction with all other forms of fitness. I highly recomomend allowing yourself some alone time after Reiki.

Guided Meditation

In-Call (West Adams)

$40/30 min

$60/50 min


Out-Call (Los Angeles Area)

$110/50 min

In this uniquely relaxing experience, soothing music, touch, reiki and personalized mediation combine together to lull even the most vicious stress monsters out of your headspace, heart and home.

Reiki for Pets!

In-Call (West Adams)

$50/20 min


Out-Call (Los Angeles Area)

$75/20 min

Reiki healing is universal and also can greatly benefit the loving pets in your life. As they cannot usually relax as long as their human conterparts, a quick energy bath will be just the thing to keep your friend happy, healthy and harmonious with you. This is an amazing help for pets struggling with arthritis, joint problems, or recovering from surgery or injuries.

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